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Under Georgia Law, drivers charged with Driving Under the Influence (D.U.I.), Driving While Intoxicated (D.W.I.), Boating Under the Influence (B.U.I.), illegal possession of alcohol and/or drugs (underage also included), and other traffic offenses must attend a Risk Reduction Program in order to be eligible to reinstate a drivers license.

Our DUI classes in Atlanta are more than just a legal requirement; they are a step towards empowerment and awareness. Recognizing the crucial role of education in preventing DUI incidents, we have meticulously designed our courses to provide not just legal compliance, but also life-altering knowledge and skills. As a certified DUI School in Georgia, we are committed to helping our students navigate the complexities of DUI laws, while fostering an environment of learning and personal growth.

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    Our courses delve deep into the consequences of impaired driving, offering an eye-opening perspective on how alcohol and drugs can affect one’s ability to operate a vehicle safely. By choosing !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving, you are not just fulfilling a legal obligation; you are taking a significant step towards becoming a more responsible, informed member of the Atlanta driving community.

    Join us on this essential journey. Whether you are here to fulfill a court mandate or to proactively enhance your driving skills, our Atlanta DUI course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed for safer driving and better decision-making on the road.

    Stay safe, stay informed, and take the wheel with confidence at !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving.

    At !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving, we understand that choosing the right DUI class in Atlanta can be a pivotal decision in your journey towards safer driving and legal compliance. Here’s why our program stands out as the premier choice for DUI and risk reduction education:

    Expert-Led, Comprehensive Curriculum

    Our DUI classes are led by seasoned instructors with extensive expertise in both defensive driving and DUI law. This depth of knowledge ensures that you receive the most current and comprehensive education on DUI risk reduction. Our curriculum not only meets but exceeds Georgia state requirements, providing you with a thorough understanding of the legal, personal, and societal impacts of impaired driving.

    Personalized Learning Experience

    We believe that education is most effective when it resonates personally with each student. Our classes are structured to foster engaging discussions and individual reflection, ensuring that the lessons are not just learned but internalized. This personalized approach helps in transforming attitudes and behaviors related to impaired driving.

    State-of-the-Art Facilities and Resources

    !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving is equipped with modern facilities and resources to enhance your learning experience. Our classrooms provide a comfortable and conducive environment for learning, and our teaching materials are constantly updated to reflect the latest in DUI prevention strategies and laws.

    Flexible Scheduling and Online Options

    Recognizing the busy schedules of our students, we offer flexible class timings, including evenings and weekends. Moreover, to accommodate those who cannot attend in person, we have introduced online DUI classes via Zoom, ensuring that you can access our quality education from anywhere in Georgia.

    Proven Track Record

    Our history of success speaks for itself. Countless students have completed our DUI and risk reduction program, leaving with not just a certificate, but a renewed perspective on driving. Our program has been commended for its effectiveness in reducing repeat offenses and enhancing overall road safety in Atlanta.

    Support Beyond the Classroom

    Our commitment to your growth and safety extends beyond the classroom. We provide ongoing support and resources to help you navigate post-class requirements and maintain safe driving habits. Our team is always ready to offer guidance, whether it’s related to legal questions or personal challenges related to DUI.

    Choosing !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving means opting for a program that genuinely cares about your growth, safety, and compliance. Enroll with us and take a significant step towards a safer, more responsible driving future in Atlanta.

    Step 1

    By law, ALL students must complete an assessment prior to enrollment. Assessment takes approximately 25-30 minutes to complete. The fee is $100.00 (fee set by Georgia law O.C.G.A. 40-5-83(e).

    At !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving in Atlanta, our Risk Reduction Program is thoughtfully designed to address the core issues and challenges associated with DUI offenses. Our aim is not just to educate, but to transform your understanding and approach to safe driving. Here’s what makes our program stand out:

    Comprehensive Coverage of DUI Topics

    Our program meticulously covers all aspects of DUI offenses, from the legal implications to the physiological effects of alcohol and drugs on driving abilities. You’ll gain insights into how substances impair judgment, coordination, and reaction times, crucial for understanding the risks of impaired driving.

    Legal Education and Compliance

    Navigating the legal landscape of DUI laws in Georgia can be complex. Our course provides clear, detailed information about state laws, the legal process following a DUI offense, and your rights and responsibilities. This knowledge is invaluable in ensuring compliance and making informed decisions.

    Behavioral Change and Decision Making

    A key component of our program is focusing on behavioral change. We delve into the psychology of decision-making, helping you understand the factors that lead to risky behaviors. Through interactive sessions, you’ll learn strategies to avoid future DUI incidents, making roads safer for everyone.

    Interactive and Engaging Teaching Methods

    We believe in active learning. Our classes include group discussions, real-life case studies, and interactive activities. This approach not only makes learning more engaging but also helps in better retention and application of the knowledge gained.

    Personalized Attention

    Our DUI School in Georgia prides itself on providing personalized attention to each student. Small class sizes mean you get the individual support you need, ensuring that your specific questions and concerns are addressed.

    After-Class Support

    Our commitment to your journey doesn’t end with the class. We offer after-class support, providing guidance on next steps, legal compliance, and resources for continued learning and support in your commitment to safe driving.


    Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive a certificate recognized by the State of Georgia, fulfilling legal requirements and representing your commitment to positive change.

    Enrolling in our Risk Reduction Program in Atlanta is not just about fulfilling a legal requirement; it’s about embarking on a journey towards safer, more responsible driving. Join us at !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving and take the first step towards a safer driving future.

    Step 2

    • Individuals will take a 20-hour Risk Reduction Program over 2½days. See schedules below.
    • Certificate of Completion given at the end of the course
    • Fee is $ 260.00 ($235.00 plus $25.00 for book and materials set by Georgia law)
    • DDS prohibits tardy arrival.

    Choosing the right DUI school is crucial, and at !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving in Atlanta, we offer a range of benefits that set us apart. Here’s what you can expect when you enroll in our program:

    Expertise in DUI Education

    • Experienced Instructors: Our team of instructors brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in DUI laws and safe driving practices.
    • Up-to-Date Curriculum: We continually update our course material to reflect the latest in DUI legislation and risk reduction strategies.

    Focus on Individual Success

    • Personalized Approach: Each student’s journey is unique. We tailor our teaching to meet your individual needs and circumstances.
    • Smaller Class Sizes: This ensures more one-on-one interaction, allowing for a more personalized and effective learning experience.

    Comprehensive Risk Reduction

    • Behavioral Insights: We don’t just cover the legalities; we delve into the psychology behind risky driving behaviors, offering tools and strategies for lasting change.
    • Emphasis on Safety: Our ultimate goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to make safer choices on the road.

    Convenient and Flexible Learning Options

    • Online Classes via Zoom: For those who cannot attend in person, our online classes offer the same quality education with the convenience of learning from anywhere.
    • Flexible Scheduling: We understand life is busy. Our class schedules are designed to accommodate your needs, including evening and weekend options.

    Legal Compliance and Certification

    • State-Approved Program: Completion of our program meets the state requirements for DUI offenders, helping you comply with legal obligations.
    • Certification of Completion: You’ll receive a certificate upon completion, recognized by the State of Georgia.

    Community and Support

    • Ongoing Support: Our commitment extends beyond the classroom. We offer resources and support to help you navigate post-class requirements and maintain safe driving habits.
    • Building a Safer Community: By participating in our program, you’re contributing to a safer, more responsible driving culture in Atlanta.

    Enrolling in !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving means choosing a program that genuinely invests in your success and safety. Our focus on comprehensive education, personalized support, and flexible learning options ensures that you not only meet legal requirements but also gain invaluable skills for life. Join us and take a step towards a safer driving future in Georgia.

    Welcome to the heart of our educational journey at !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving. Our DUI and Risk Reduction course is carefully crafted to provide an in-depth and transformative learning experience. Let’s dive into the structure and content of our program:

    Understanding DUI: The Foundations

    • Defining DUI: We start with the basics, defining what constitutes a DUI offense in Atlanta and Georgia at large.
    • Consequences of DUI: A candid discussion on the wide-ranging impacts of DUI, from legal repercussions to personal and societal effects.

    Navigating Legal Waters

    • Georgia’s DUI Laws Explained: An in-depth look at the specific DUI laws and penalties in Georgia, helping you understand the legal landscape.
    • The DUI Legal Process: Guidance on what to expect legally following a DUI charge, including court proceedings and license reinstatement processes.

    The Science of Impairment

    • Alcohol, Drugs, and Driving Ability: A scientific exploration of how substances affect driving skills, including reaction time, judgment, and coordination.
    • Recognizing and Preventing Impairment: Strategies for identifying impairment in yourself and others, and proactive measures to prevent DUI situations.

    Behavioral Insights and Change

    • Decision-Making Psychology: Delving into the psychological factors that lead to impaired driving decisions.
    • Developing Safer Choices: Practical tools and techniques for making smarter, safer driving choices in the future.

    Risk Reduction Techniques

    • Defensive Driving Skills: Essential defensive driving techniques to enhance safety on the road.
    • Coping with Peer Pressure and Temptation: Real-world strategies for handling social situations involving alcohol or drugs.

    Interactive Learning Experience

    • Group Discussions and Workshops: Engaging, interactive sessions to discuss scenarios and share experiences.
    • Case Studies and Real-Life Examples: Examination of real DUI cases to understand the real-world implications of impaired driving.

    Course Evaluation and Feedback

    • Assessment and Review: Tests and evaluations to assess your understanding and retention of the course material.
    • Feedback and Reflection: An opportunity to provide feedback on the course and discuss how to integrate these learnings into your daily life.

    Certification and Moving Forward

    • Receiving Your Certificate: Upon successful completion, receive a certificate recognized by the State of Georgia, signifying your commitment to safer driving.
    • Next Steps After Completion: Guidance on maintaining your DUI-free status and applying your new knowledge in everyday life.

    Step 2

    Complete the D.U.I. Class:

    • Individuals will take a 20-hour Risk Reduction Program over 2½days. See schedules below.
    • Certificate of Completion given at the end of the course
    • Fee is $ 260.00 ($235.00 plus $25.00 for book and materials set by Georgia law)
    • DDS prohibits tardy arrival.

    How to Register

    1. Register online or call. We will guarantee your a seat in class.
    2. Come by office to take your assessment. All students must complete it before starting class. We are open Mon to Sat for assessments.
    3. Arrive on time for class. Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Why Would I Take This Class?

    • Got a DUI or DWI
    • Drug License Suspension
    • Illegal Possession of Alcohol / Drugs
    • Boating Under the Influence
    • Court, DDS or DMV Ordered
    • Out-of-State DWI Charge
    • Court Fine Reduction / No Points


    When I first enrolled in !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving, I was apprehensive about what to expect. But the instructors were not only knowledgeable but also truly understanding. They turned what I anticipated to be a daunting experience into an insightful journey. I’ve learned so much about safe driving and the risks of DUI, which has completely changed my approach to driving.

    John S., Atlanta, GA

    I opted for the online course due to my hectic work schedule. I was amazed at how interactive and engaging the sessions were, even through Zoom. The course was comprehensive, and the convenience of attending from home made a huge difference. I now feel more informed and responsible on the road.

    Emily R., Online Course Attendee

    The Risk Reduction program at !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving was a real eye-opener for me. The real-life examples and group discussions made the statistics and facts hit home. This course has been pivotal in changing my driving habits for the better.

    Carlos G., Online Course Attendee

    Taking the online DUI class was an incredible experience. The instructors were engaging and made sure everyone was involved, even remotely. The flexibility of attending the classes online was a lifesaver for me, and the knowledge I gained is invaluable.

    Aisha L., Online Course Attendee

    I was initially just going through the motions to meet my legal requirements, but the course at !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving went beyond that. It made me realize the seriousness of DUI and the importance of making safe choices. The instructors were supportive and made sure we all understood the material.

    Michael T., Atlanta, GA

    As a mother of two, finding time to attend classes in person was nearly impossible. The online classes offered by !Alpha DUI Defensive Driving were a perfect solution. The course was not only convenient but extremely informative and well-structured. It’s changed the way I think about driving after consuming alcohol.

    Samantha P. , Online Course Attendee

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