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Asam Level 1 Treatment

We offer weekly session treatments every Wednesday from 6 to 8pm. Call 770-814-9770.

Our treatment sessions are given by a certified therapist and are approved by the DBHDD (Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities) of Georgia.

ASAM Level 1 Class

After you complete your clinical/substance abuse evaluation, your evaluator may suggest further treatment, such as the ASAM 1 class. This may also be a condition of your probation that must be completed before your probation term ends.

At !Alpha DUI, we offer ASAM Level 1 treatment at our Duluth location. We try our hardest to work with your schedule so that the classes won’t disrupt your daily routines. If you have been charged with a DUI or other drug related offenses, you may have been recommended to take this class.

ASAM Stands for the ‘American Society of Addiction Medicine’

This may also be a condition in order to complete your probation. Our counselors make the class enjoyable while educational. While there are several levels for the ASAM program, at !Alpha DUI, we offer the 1.0 class.

ASAM Level 1 Contact

To request information regarding our ASAM Level 1 treatment, please fill out this information below and we will contact you.

ASAM Level 1 Scheduling

When taking the ASAM level 1, you will be recommended to 1 of 2 options:

  • ASAM Level 1 Treatment (6-12 weeks) or
  • ASAM LEvel 1 Treatment (7-52 weeks)

The class will involve at least 2 drug screens, as well as an extra required meeting outside of the ASAM 1 treatment (e.g. AA, NA). Either way, you can take every single class at our facility.

Why Choose !AlphaDUI for your ASAM 1 Class?

!ALPHA Driving School is an approved provider for Clinical Evaluations and Treatment.

Our ASAM 1 classes are given by a certified therapist, approved by the DBHDD (Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developental Disabilities.)

But aside from our qualifications, !Alpha Driving School hosts our ASAM Level 1 classes in an engaging and friendly  atmosphere, surrounded by non-judgmental people who all strive for the same goals and outcome.  Our mission is to keep you engaged so that you actually enjoy the experience.

For more information or to attend a treatment session, call (770) 814-9770.

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