Drivers Ed Classes

Getting a drivers license is an exciting time for teens and also worrisome for parents.  With over 25+ years teaching new drivers in Atlanta, ALPHA DUI DRIVING SCHOOL offers the best drivers ed classes in Atlanta.

Why We Are The Best

  • Free pick-up / drop-off & easy online scheduling for in-car lessons
  • Expert male & female instructors with 25+ years of teaching new drivers
  • Receive insurance discount up to 20% ($600+) for up to 5-years
  • Satisfy Joshua’s Law for teens
  • Parents qualify for a tax credit up to $150
  • Includes Alcohol/Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) (no extra cost)
  • Learn hands-on activities (tire changing, basic car mechanics, simulate impaired driving with drunk goggles, field trips to a local DDS for road test skills, visit to an exotic Lamborghini/Ferrari dealership to learn about cars, crash awareness and driver responsibility

Online Classes 24/7

  • Only $49
  • Study at your own pace
  • Satisfy Joshuas’s Law
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Call us at 770 814-9770 to set your schedule for your behind the wheel classes to complete your Drivers Ed program.

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